CSRC has been working for the land rights movement and conducting partnership with the national and international organizations which work for ensuring right to land of landless, tenants and small holders.. It believes in the power of people and collaborates with NLRF, an organization of landless, tenants and smallholder farmers and its branches at districts and local levels. The landless, land-poor and small holders are historically deprived of enjoyment of their human rights including land rights in Nepal. The people led land rights campaign by CSRC has brought notable outcomes from its inception. CSRC is not only supporting to backward, marginalized and ultra-poor households for ensuring their rights in land but also for their livelihood alternatives. CSRC has been technically assisting to LRF's in 37 districts for ensuring their rights over land. In these years, The LRF's have organized number of campaigns such as rallies, sit-in and tenancy encampment to ensure right over land. All these have bolstered the movement garnering recognition from National and International media. These campaigns were focused on mobilizing resources, educating local people, facilitating for legal assistance for tenants on their rights, women on joint land ownership, and other pivotal decisions, ordinances, & information related to land. As a result, of this movement, the government opened the application for separation of tenancy right. The statistics show that 20,620 applications for tenancy rights have been filed, while this number has increased at unprecedented rate through the campaigns conducted by CSRC and NLRF. CSRC is also leading the ILC's NES initiatives in Nepal. This initiative also contributed to strengthen people's organization and land rights campaign.