People's Stories


I Acquired Power Through Land

My Name is Dol Maya Karki. I live in Kisan Nagar of Mahottari district. Albeit I was interested in studying in my childhood my parents never sent me school due to poverty. My parents forced me to get married with a farmer- Netra Bahadur Karki of Bardibas ward-6 Kishannagar, Mahottari district, southern plain of Nepal. Comparatively, my husband's family was richer than mine. They had 2 hectares of land.  However, there was no happiness in my family because of having two mother-in-laws. My mother-in-law was not satisfied with my work at home. She always blamed me and did not help


JLO Increases Family Happiness

Early in the morning last 15 May, the VDC hall of Khayermara VDC of Mahottari was full. Men and women from different VDCs were seated in rows. In front were local leaders from different political parties, the VDC secretary, local school teachers, and representatives of other local organizations. A banner read "Samyukta Purja Sibir" (JLO encampment), piquing the interest of passersby. The event was a JLO camp organized in honor of the couples who already had JLO, in hopes that other couples would similarly be motivated to register for JLO.

Ten couples were recognized during


Equality Begins at Home

Fifty-year-old Jitendra Bhattarai lives in Karmaiya of Sarlahi with his mother, wife and three daughters. His wife Devmaya is 44. Jitendra and Devmaya are married for 28 years now. They have five daughters, two of whom are married and settled in Mahottari. Two of their daughters are studying in school and one of them is staying at home, helping her parents.

In a society that prioritizes boys over girls, it has been difficult for Devmaya who is a mother of five girls. Her 75 year old mother-in-law always wished to have a grandson. She often proposed her son to re-marry. This kept Devma


Dreams destroyed by the earthquake My house is destroyed where do I go?

Chetansheel Village Land Rights Forum, Dhaibung -1, Itpaare, Rasuwa's Chair Murali Nepali is very tensed. He is also a member of DLRF Rasuwa. He is 57 years old. His family consists of his wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter in law and 1 granddaughter. In 2057 B.S. he had made a house in an Ailani land. Belonging from a landless family since generations, Murali lived in Loknath Neupane's personal land prior to living in an ailani land. When he was not allowed to stay there for a long time, he asked for support from DLRF Rasuwa founder and Chair, Bhawani Prasad Neupane. As a result, he starte


Enhanced Power to Claim for Rights

In Bharatpur VDC, Mahottari there is a Sada community (Dalit). In 2010 DLRF Mahottari organized a meeting to establish a VLRF. Consequently, 27 households from the community came together to form the Ranga Lal Village Land Rights Forum in Bharatpur VDC-1. All of the community members earned their livelihoods through labouring. For a full day’s work each individual only received NPR 120 ($1.4) from the landowners. VLRF members organized a campaign to demand a wage increase. The campaign and subsequent rally saw other community members joining the cause and refusing to till the land

Women becoming self reliant through Land Rights Forum

In Mauraniya, Kailali District a total of 23 landless families live on an area of land totaling 1.06 hectares. This land is used for cattle herding by landlords, and as a graveyard. People from the community have repeatedly attempted to remove them from this place. Despite the landless commission conducting a survey here in 1999, no further steps have been taken with regard to ownership. Instead the landlords partitioned the land for themselves, without making the landless people aware. In 2007 NLRF discussed this issue and established an organisation involving 23 women in the land

Learned and succeeded through campaigning

I am Nabina Sunar, 29 years from Lalitkot, Parbat. Currently I am a chairperson of Lalikot VLRF. We are a total of 21 members in VLRF. We have been participating in various campaign and events and supporting the land rights movement by having weekly discussion. Initially we had problem of Water Facilities. So we went to VDC and claimed for the provision of water. But our demands were not heard upon. Addressing the situation, we organized sit ins at the VDC for one month until and unless the budget was not allocated generated specifically for this. As a result the District Developmen