People's Stories

Women becoming self reliant through Land Rights Forum

In Mauraniya, Kailali District a total of 23 landless families live on an area of land totaling 1.06 hectares. This land is used for cattle herding by landlords, and as a graveyard. People from the community have repeatedly attempted to remove them from this place. Despite the landless commission conducting a survey here in 1999, no further steps have been taken with regard to ownership. Instead the landlords partitioned the land for themselves, without making the landless people aware. In 2007 NLRF discussed this issue and established an organisation involving 23 women in the land

Learned and succeeded through campaigning

I am Nabina Sunar, 29 years from Lalitkot, Parbat. Currently I am a chairperson of Lalikot VLRF. We are a total of 21 members in VLRF. We have been participating in various campaign and events and supporting the land rights movement by having weekly discussion. Initially we had problem of Water Facilities. So we went to VDC and claimed for the provision of water. But our demands were not heard upon. Addressing the situation, we organized sit ins at the VDC for one month until and unless the budget was not allocated generated specifically for this. As a result the District Developmen

VLRF taking a progressive lead

Shanti Village Land Rights Forum (VLRF) of Bhusi Mauliya, Saptari was established in May 2006. A total of 109 members are organized in this forum. Since the formation of VLRF all of the members have been initiating various events and campaigns within the community and district. Highlighting the major triumph of Shanti VLRF, the chair Hari Paswan shared “Through the various campaigns, including sit-in programs with regards to agricultural labour held in between, two times wage increments have been made. Back then by working whole days only five-kilo paddy was received but as of now

Nothing is impossible through tireless effort

“If we are really committed to bring some change in the community then certainly it is possible through collective effort” says Jugmani Chaudhary, activist from Dang district. She has been involved in the land rights movement since 29th May, 2009. Now she is working as an activist in Hekuli VDC. She has been conducting weekly discussions within the community to seek solutions to a range of emerging issues. She has learnt to work with a range of representatives from the government and political parties and to put forward her views with confidence. Her actions were instrumental in

Movement Fund- A Medium for Advocacy

In Rupandehi, Manmateriya VDC, 36 land poor families have been residing on public land since 1964. On 3rd August, 2010 Kerabari Village Land Rights Forum was formed with 31 members.
A regular monthly meeting is being held. Through regular discussions the members planned to conduct the campaign regarding the acquisition of Tilling Certificates for securing their shelter. They submitted their application on December 2010, and as a result 31 households received Tilling Certificates. The chair of the VLRF, Kalika Khadka shared “We participate in rallies, sit-ins and processions in

Change Case I: Establishment of OwnBhumiGhar(Community Building)

In Gangaparaspur VDC-8 Banki Village Land Rights Forum (VLRF) succeeded in building up their own BhumiGhar (Community Building). Organized total 23 VLRF members are delighted that establishment of BhumiGharis an ultimate evidence of sustainability of land rights campaign.
Back then, VLRF members had to face a lot of struggle to reach up to this phase. They regularly discussed about establishing a BhumiGhar in weekly VLRF meeting. Through the effective discussion and planning, subsequently 0.03 ha public land was identified. With the arrangement of land, VLRF members started explo