People's Stories


After years of struggle hope has finally come

Ful maya lama , a resident of Helambu rural municipality ward no 1 Thulodhunga is a symbol representing one of a typical Nepali female who has to undergo different problems and struggles just to find her identity. Like many thousands women of Nepal struggling each day after being married have to struggle community and society to find their identity and place. Ful Maya Lama in her 28 years of small life span has face so much problem and hindrance that a common man would have not faced in his whole life, lama shares "Coming from a poor family agriculture was our major source of income, as


Step Closer towards Sustainable Rehabilitation

My name is Buddhe Waiba Tamang and I am originally from Tadi Rural Municipality ward number one of Nuwakot. Now I am living in Tadi Rural Municipality, ward number 3, Budune with my family. My place of origin has been all damaged by the earthquake. So almost after a year of earthquake me along with my family moved here.

In my place of origin I use to work as a porter in an trekking company and my family reared goats. My family had 5 ropani of land where we used to grow buckwheat, millet and wheat which was just enough to feed my family for six months. Currently, I work as a


Displacement, Aspirations and Deficient Reconstruction Plan

My name is Sapana Tamang and I am 30 years old. I am originally from Lapa. Before earthquake I was teacher in Shree Phedi Khola Primary School.

After earthquake I along with my family migrated to Damgade camp. My baby was just 15 days old when the earthquake occurred. It was very difficult for a person like me I could neither run nor walk like other people. After 15 days of earthquake we migrated to Damgade. That is when I decided that I don’t want to live in such difficult place.

Initially life was very much difficult in a camp for a lactating woman like me. Aft


Livelihood Expansion Post Displacement

My name is Phusu Tamang and I am 60 years old. I am from Tenchet of Rubi Valley rural municipality ward number 5. Just after the earthquake me and my family ( wife and a daughter) migrated in Bhadraguan camp of Nilakantha municipality.

The land where we are living belongs to the church. All of us living in this camp are Christian.

My major source of livelihood is to prepare buckets from bamboo ( thunche, doko). Our market of selling the products was Dhadingbesi. Before the earthquake we used to travel from our village to Dhadingbesi to sell our produce. But n


Life of a differently able in Displaced Camp

My name is Raj Ghale and I am 59 years old. From past nine years I have lost my eyesight. In my family we are husband wife and a daughter. My daughter is studying in Kathmandu and my wife work as a labor. Our family is originally from Kispang Rural Municipality (Salme VDC, ward number 8). At the time of earthquake I was all alone in my home.  In radio I had heard that if earthquake comes you should go down under the table or bed or door. So by remembering it I accordingly crawled under my bed. I was rescued after few hours and after a week we migrated in Simbutaar Nuwakot.


Reconstruction Amidst Uncertainty

My name is Tesh Maya Gurung and I am 50 years old. Now I am living in the displaced camp of Mandre in Sulikot Village Municipality, ward no 2 with my son, daughter in law and grandson. My husband left me some twenty years ago and married other women.

After the earthquake of April 25, 2015 ramshackle my house I along with my family flee to this place. Before earthquake I had approximately 2 Ropanis of land where we grew maize, millet and potatoes which was enough to feed our family for a year. Similarly I use to rear goats which contributed extra cash money to run my househol


I Acquired Power Through Land

My Name is Dol Maya Karki. I live in Kisan Nagar of Mahottari district. Albeit I was interested in studying in my childhood my parents never sent me school due to poverty. My parents forced me to get married with a farmer- Netra Bahadur Karki of Bardibas ward-6 Kishannagar, Mahottari district, southern plain of Nepal. Comparatively, my husband's family was richer than mine. They had 2 hectares of land.  However, there was no happiness in my family because of having two mother-in-laws. My mother-in-law was not satisfied with my work at home. She always blamed me and did not help