Durable Solutions Phase II

The NRA has now ratified five separate policies pertaining to the relocation of and durable resolution for people both displaced by the earthquake and at risk of future harm of displacement by Geo-hazards. There is currently strong political will among various levels of leadership within the NRA to implement and begin resolving land-related Geo-hazard issues and a framework through which to address the various categories of Geo-hazards now exists. While a substantial amount of the related policy needs to be clarified in terms of detailed procedures and processes, many of government-supported durable solutions have been developed to a point at which implementation works can clearly begin. PIN and CSRC are proposing a management oriented consortium based on equal partnership with strong expertise in protection & land rights to scale up the implementation of the NRA durable solution programs in order to ensure that the affected households are put on the path to resilient reconstruction.

CSRC Nepal