CSRC has contributed towards promoting knowledge about land issues for the most
marginalized and vulnerable communities through regular orientation on land and agrarian
issues, capacity development training, interaction with government agencies, dialogue and other
activities. CSRC also publishes different publications such as Bhumiadhikar bulletin, land
related research reports, collection and compilation of best practices. Similarly, CSRC operates
based on organizational policies and systems developed through a participatory process
involving all stakeholders concerned. Transparency, accountability and honesty are non-
negotiable, and apply to all, including the Board, management, staff, activists, volunteers and
LRFs at all levels equally.
Further, CSRC conducts various research studies and publishes reports on land and related issues
through the assistance of internal and external human re0073ources. The findings of such
research and studies have been regularly disseminated and published in CSRC’s bulletins and
other publications. Major research findings are also shared among the concerned stakeholders
through different channel of communications.

CSRC New Strategy Launched