Policy advocacy is a key influence area of CSRC for the formulation of land-related laws in
favor of landless, marginalized and oppressed people. While formulating the land-related policies

and laws the government officials invite the representatives of CSRC to make recommendations
on the policies as the key actors of civil society organizations. CSRC also consults with the
parliamentarians, government officials and other civil society actors to formulate land-related
laws realizing that the existing laws cannot address the issues of landless, marginalized and
oppressed people as they were not engaged before. CSRC facilitated dialogue locally and
nationally and contributed to bringing a number of laws, acts, and policies aiming to uplift the rights
of landless, tenants and small-holders.
In addition to that, CSRC has been continuously working for the sustainability of its existing
programs. It mobilizes the members of LRFs for the maximum utilization of local resources.
The livelihood strategies, construction of Bhumighar and collection and utilization of movement
fund are some of the exemplary works of sustainability.

CSRC New Strategy Launched