Strategic Priority 2: Contributing to Knowledge Production

1. Learning from Action, and Generating Theories and Knowledge

  • We will need to establish participatory learning methods that are suitable for use at all levels, and which lead to critical discussion and analysis of the land and agrarian context by the stakeholders themselves.
  • Will will produce write-ups of the key points from these discussions, facilitate further critical examination and refinement of such new insights, and work to disseminate the new learnings that are thus produced.

2. Bringing People’s Organizations into Centres of Learning

  • With and within people’s organizations, we will facilitate critical reflections on the land and agrarian situation, what kind of changes it needs, what sort of movement would work best for it, and how to strengthen such a movement and make it effective.
  • We will aim to connect action to discourse by connecting people’s organizations and their insights to both the popular and the academic circles of conversation.

3. Publishing to Maximize Learning

  • We will prepare and publish compilations of the learnings and insights gained from the various discussion programmes of people’s organizations around the country, and help to share and disseminate such compilations amongst farmers’ groups, state actors, and other stakeholders.
  • We will also publish and seek to widely disseminate the insights gained from context-mapping efforts, so as to make the situation and needs of land and agriculture clear to the public.
  • With the needs of the movement and the capacity-building of leaders in mind, we should also facilitate publishing and sharing various perspectives on land and agriculture produced outside of the movement.
  • At the bhumighars, we will organize collections of group context maps reports, constitutional documents, laws, policies, and policy commentaries related to land and agriculture.

4. Publishing to Raise Awareness and Consolidate Financial Security

  • We should also aim to publish books, periodical journals, and other collections that might contribute to the international discourse on land and agriculture, thereby raising awareness of the movement on a global scale, and also providing an extra source of financial security.


Regional Environmental Policy Dialogue

Securing land rights of women and indigenous peoples in the face of climate change in South Asia

 4- 6 April 2023 | Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal

The National Land Coalition (NLC) Nepal, is holding a Regional Environmental Policy Dialogue on 'Securing IPLCs and women's land rights for increasing communities' adaptative capacity facing climate change in South Asia' from 4-6 April 2023 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This forum is co-organized with the Community-self Reliance Centre (CSRC), International Land Coalition (ILC) Asia and the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation (MoLMCPA), Government of Nepal and supported by the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) Asia.

The event provides an interactive forum for sharing, , discussion and reflection on recent policy development and future challenges to people centered land governance in support of inclusive and equitable climate change adaptation, mitigation, and local agency in South Asia, namely – Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

The event is open to participants from all over the world who are interested in understanding land and environmental issues in South Asia and developing professional ties for opportunities to contribute to this domain. The conference provides a platform for professionals involved in land rights, gender transformative approaches, human rights-based instruments and land governance to exchange knowledge and gain insight into the state of the art in the current land-related policies, innovation, and solutions. Participants include a wide variety of stakeholders from civil society organizations (CSOs), social movements, development partners, and academia as well as government agencies.

Important Dates:

Preconference Events15 and 21 March 2023
Pre-event – I: Social inclusion & gender justice among south Asia’s people’s organisations led National Land Coalitions (NLCs)15 March 2023
Pre-event – II: Challenges and opportunities to operationalise commitments made under the Rio+ Conventions in South Asia21 March 2023
Arrival in Nepal3 April 2023
Main Conference4-6 April 2023
Departure6 April 2023

For more information, please visit / / and/or contact

Focal person: Dharm Raj Joshi, National Coordinator, NLC Nepal

Contact Address:

National Land Coalition (NLC) Nepal C/O

Community Self-reliance Centre (CSRC)

Tokha-7, Dhapasi | Indrapuri Awas-361, Kathmandu

Tel: (+977 1) 4 357 005/ 4 360 486  | Mobile/WA: +977 9849 206101 Email:  / /