Strategic Priority 3: Generating Policy Discussion and Good Governance

1. Facilitating Debates and Discussions regarding Land and Agriculture Policy

  • With attention to the political context and the possibilities it offers, we will facilitate policy discussion on land and agriculture at the municipal, regional, and national levels.
  • Within people’s organizations, we will hold discussions where existing land and agriculture policies are clarified, critically examined, and carefully evaluated, such that any necessary changes and the paths to further action are clear to all.
  • We will facilitate constructive dialogues, partnerships, or agreements with other stakeholders to make clear what the needs and policy positions of the movement are, and how to move forward with them.

2. Building the Capacity of Leaders to Engage in Policy Debate

  • We aim to facilitate capacity-building for leaders at each level, such that they are able to clearly explain and advocate for land and agriculture policies.
  • Having equipped leaders to engage in policy debates, we will facilitate bringing them into discussion with the various stakeholders at different levels of policy-making.

3. Developing and Presenting Alternatives

  • We will present critiques of state actions and policies when required, and work with people’s organizations and stakeholders to develop better alternatives.
  • We are committed to result-based action, and will work to make sure that progressive policies are delivered in behaviour, not only on paper.

4. Working Critically and Creatively with Governments

  • Apart from our focus on strengthening popular movements and presenting criticisms of existing policies and practices, we are also open to creative cooperation with municipal, regional, and national governments when the appropriate circumstances and necessary commitments are secured.

5. Mobilizing Leaders Against Corruption

  • In addition to debate and discussion about the policies themselves, we must also train leaders at every level to identify and strongly oppose corruption, so as to liberate land policy from misgovernance.