Strategic Priority 4: Promoting Sustainable Farming, Collaborative Agriculture, and Systems for Secure Livelihoods

1. Promoting Organic and Sustainable Farming

  • Along with fighting to secure land rights, we must also work to secure the sustainable usage of that land by promoting good farming practices amongst labouring and small farmers.
  • We will assist those in the farming community, especially those previously marginalized, to acquire the proper training when it comes to organic and sustainable farming practice from the state and other relevant organizations.
  • We will promote the conservation of local traditional crops in their respective localities, the usage of eco-friendly fertilizers, and the usage of bio-pesticides.

2. Facilitating Community-led Action and a Holistic Approach to Agriculture

  • We will orient our efforts towards holistic models of land and agriculture development aimed at uplifting the lives and status of marginalized and small farmer families, and train members and leaders of the people’s organizations to develop and implement new models and partnerships.
  • We will mobilize and train farmers to effectively engage in shared farming methods on existing commons and other acquired and communalized land.
  • We will facilitate the study of how secure livelihoods can be cultivated in the context of farming, agriculture, and small production, and train and support small and marginalized farmers to develop such livelihoods.

3. Ensuring that State Provisions and Benefits are Effectively Implemented

  • We will: work to ensure that small farmers are always kept informed about the provisions, benefits, and rights that they are entitled to from the state; follow-up with these farmers to make sure that they are actually able to access these provisions and benefits, and help make the implementation of such provisions as effective as possible; and work with local governments when necessary to increase such effectiveness.