Strategic Priority 5: Taking the Movement to the World

1. Participating in and Contributing to the Global Land and Agrarian Movement

  • We should: closely examine developments in the land discourse of various parts of the world; seek to learn from the successes, failures, and experiences of various countries and movements; and identify opportunities for meaningful cooperation, contributions, and participation on the world stage.
  • When circumstances and convictions align, we are open to taking membership of or entering into cooperation with like-minded international organizations, and will continually strive to strengthen ties with friendly international movements.

2. Maintaining Critical Cooperation with the Mainstream

  • We should keep well-informed about the land and agrarian policies and practices of the United Nations and its agencies, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and other relevant mainstream international organizations, and be prepared to enter into critical dialogue with them.
  • It is important to clarify and develop positions about which issues are appropriate for cooperation with mainstream organizations, and which issues require criticism, non-cooperation, and protest; information and discussion about these policies and practices will be presented in forums to farmers, people’s organizations, and their leaders.

3. Bringing the Global Discourse to Nepal

  • We will organize meetings of global land movement participants, and also invite relevant international organizations to hold meetings, gatherings, and seminars in Nepal, so as to increase exposure to and learn from organizing practices.
  • In addition to holding contextually relevant discussions in Nepal, we should also aim to support like-minded campaigns and movements in other countries whenever such support would be appropriate and meaningful.