CSRC has been focusing on the sustainability of land rights movement through the mobilization of local resources. It believes that sustainability never comes into effect without maximum utilization of the local resources such as fallow land, pond and other unused agricultural areas. CSRC has been supporting landless, marginalized and oppressed people for different agro-based enterprises such as vegetable and animal farming. The landless people have been facilitated to take land in lease and provided technical support for vegetable productions through different trainings. The DLRFs or VLRFs were also facilitated to coordinate with service providing agencies such as District Agriculture Office (DAO), District Coordination Committee and other government organizations to claim government resources for the enterprises.  In addition to that, CSRC has been working with landless and land-poor vulnerable communities who are severely affected by the earthquake of 2015. It has been involving in the facilitation for providing grant to the quake affected landless and land-poor families through the continuous lobby and advocacy with duty bearers. Apart from the involvement for providing grant certificate it has been working for the sustainable livelihood of affected persons by providing skill development trainings.


CSRC New Strategy Launched