Change Case I: Establishment of OwnBhumiGhar(Community Building)

In Gangaparaspur VDC-8 Banki Village Land Rights Forum (VLRF) succeeded in building up their own BhumiGhar (Community Building). Organized total 23 VLRF members are delighted that establishment of BhumiGharis an ultimate evidence of sustainability of land rights campaign.
Back then, VLRF members had to face a lot of struggle to reach up to this phase. They regularly discussed about establishing a BhumiGhar in weekly VLRF meeting. Through the effective discussion and planning, subsequently 0.03 ha public land was identified. With the arrangement of land, VLRF members started exploring the networks for the provision of materials needed to build the home. As per which they submitted at Local Community Forestry User Group (CFUG) the application stating the specific resources required forbuilding home. Consequently, CFUG agreed to provide the wood and timber costing NPR 30,000 ($347) in free of charge. Moreover for the arrangement other resources and cover the remaining expenses, 25 VLRF members did labour donation for 5 days in turn wise. With the labour donation of VLRF members and support from other local agencies we were able to receive NPR 1, 10,000 ($1,274) for the establishment of BhumiGhar says Chairperson of VLRF, Premdaiya Chaudhary. Now the regular meeting is being held in own BhumiGhar. VLRF members are happy to have discussion and meeting in newly formed BhumiGhar with the feeling of permanence and security.

CSRC Nepal