FPIC Research Follow-up/Advocacy Strategy

The project aims to enhance communities’ awareness of the FPIC process, how free, prior, and informed consent is obtained, and the importance of involvement during the process. The research aims to involve them in the decision-making process, providing them with better information and consultation before any resources are used which they have been using for generations.

The research focuses to address longstanding grievances related to land expropriation, including the lack of proper compensation and delays in implementing agreements even after consent has been given. Through this initiative, the communities’ concerns will be heard and their consent will be given due consideration, leading to a more equitable and just agreement-making process. Similarly, it will assist the project-impacted communities to avoid and /or mitigate the wider, cumulative economic and social-cultural impacts of the hydropower projects. By providing an opportunity for open and honest participation, the project seeks to create a more inclusive and transparent decision-making process.

CSRC Nepal