Nothing is impossible through tireless effort

“If we are really committed to bring some change in the community then certainly it is possible through collective effort” says Jugmani Chaudhary, activist from Dang district. She has been involved in the land rights movement since 29th May, 2009. Now she is working as an activist in Hekuli VDC. She has been conducting weekly discussions within the community to seek solutions to a range of emerging issues. She has learnt to work with a range of representatives from the government and political parties and to put forward her views with confidence. Her actions were instrumental in submitting a total of 1092 applications for “Tilling Certificates” to the VDC. This process gave her a greater awareness of legal procedures which have been instrumental in securing certificates for a total of 534 families (154 female, 11 dalit, 331 janjati).

CSRC Nepal