VLRF taking a progressive lead

Shanti Village Land Rights Forum (VLRF) of Bhusi Mauliya, Saptari was established in May 2006. A total of 109 members are organized in this forum. Since the formation of VLRF all of the members have been initiating various events and campaigns within the community and district. Highlighting the major triumph of Shanti VLRF, the chair Hari Paswan shared “Through the various campaigns, including sit-in programs with regards to agricultural labour held in between, two times wage increments have been made. Back then by working whole days only five-kilo paddy was received but as of now seven kilo paddy is provided. With direction from the landlord, we had to go spontaneously for work which is not there by now. Before, we had to submit the revenue of Village Block land to the landlord which is not needed now. After the formation of the VLRF, 60 households were able to utilize fallow land by cultivating both paddy and wheat on each 0.16 ha. The chair of VLRF Mr. Paswan shared “The trend has been changed in a progressive way. Nowadays, work is being assessed as per the wage. As of now only 10 houses are left who are involved in Haruwa”.
Chandra Sada, VLRF member highlighted “We will carry on the VLRF until and unless, we become able to receive our own land”. In the meantime, another member added that “VLRF strength has led us to simplify this challenging task, we need VLRF then and after, not just for the sake of acquisition of land”. Currently Haruwas are demanding the implementation of an increment in the basic daily agricultural wage of NPR 220 ($2.5) (USD $ 1=NPR 85.28) as per government decision.

CSRC Nepal