Livelihood Expansion Post Displacement

My name is Phusu Tamang and I am 60 years old. I am from Tenchet of Rubi Valley rural municipality ward number 5. Just after the earthquake me and my family ( wife and a daughter) migrated in Bhadraguan camp of Nilakantha municipality.

The land where we are living belongs to the church. All of us living in this camp are Christian.

My major source of livelihood is to prepare buckets from bamboo ( thunche, doko). Our market of selling the products was Dhadingbesi. Before the earthquake we used to travel from our village to Dhadingbesi to sell our produce. But now it is very much easy for us to sell as Dhadingbesi is in walking distance only.

Geological survey report of my place of origin has not been published yet. Whatever be the result of the geological survey I don’t intend to return back because life is much easier here in Dhadingbesi.

CSRC Nepal