Displacement, Aspirations and Deficient Reconstruction Plan

My name is Sapana Tamang and I am 30 years old. I am originally from Lapa. Before earthquake I was teacher in Shree Phedi Khola Primary School.

After earthquake I along with my family migrated to Damgade camp. My baby was just 15 days old when the earthquake occurred. It was very difficult for a person like me I could neither run nor walk like other people. After 15 days of earthquake we migrated to Damgade. That is when I decided that I don’t want to live in such difficult place.

Initially life was very much difficult in a camp for a lactating woman like me. After few months by migrating here in Damgade I started working as a social mobilizer in different NGO's for almost two years.

Now I am working as a full time mother my husband work as agro and non-agro labor. In geological survey report published by NRA my household name is not mentioned. But my families don’t intend to return back because life is very much difficult there. Similarly I want to give competitive education to my daughter so I will stay here only.

I have brought land here and already built the house. My house is not passed by the engineers.

CSRC Nepal