Self-Sustaining through Agro Based Enterprises

Ranamaya Katuwal aged 56 is a permanent resident of Sukoshi Rural Municipality-8 in Okhaldhunga district. She did not have any source of income before 2012. Rana Maya was completely dependent with her husband’s and sons’ income. She affiliated at Samabeshi VLRF of her Tole in 2012 as a member. She participated every meeting of VLRF and discussed about the problem of village. She was acquainted on the problem of landless people and importance of agro-based enterprises through the meeting.

“The DLRF members came to our meeting one day and asked us if we were interested in conducting vegetable farming,” she said, “as per our request they were ready to provide training on vegetable farming.” Ranamaya participated in the training which was facilitated by agriculture expert in Okhaldhunga district. She learnt about seasonal farming and preservation of vegetables from bacteria during the training. “When the trainers showed us a model of tomato farming I thought it was just like a dream.” She recalled the training, “but it was true when I produced about a quintal of tomatoes in next year.” She also shared that the DLRF provided her some seeds and tunnels for tomato farming.

Ranamaya earned Rs 15,000 by selling tomatoes in first year. According to her, she could not sell all production due to the lack of market at the beginning. After two years, she earned Rs 50,000 by selling vegetables. “Now I do not need to ask money with my sons and husband. I have cultivated chilies, turmeric including tomatoes in my farm and I hope I can sustain by selling the vegetables” Ranamaya smiled showing the fresh chilies

CSRC Nepal