Women are being economically empowered: “I don’t have to ask for cash to others for my personal work

Mahakaleshwori women collective group has been established with a major objective of enhancing and supporting women in improving their economic socio status level through forming different sub groups as per their livelihood options. Here, these women collective group has been supported Rs 4, 00,000 under the community led reconstruction programme for strengthening such groups both economically and socially.

Shivakumari Pandit ,56 of Helambu rural municipality 7 is a member of Mahakaleshwori women collective group. Pandit recalls "When I first started vegetable farming and started selling my vegetable 4 years back , people used to mock me telling how much greedy I have become of trying to earn from selling vegetables. Despite these back biting of people I had envisioned myself to be independent single women rather than being burden to my family. Today these people only ask me about why I haven’t bought any vegetables for selling. Nowadays, whenever I go out for selling my vegetables it gets finished before I reach in Chanaute."

Similarly, Pandit is growing cauliflower, chilies and tomatoes in season with earning up to 30-35 thousand per month in seasonal period. Shiva Kumari shares "After CSRC supported our women collective group, I had submitted my plan and received 15,000 support.10% interest has to be paid in group per 6 months. With which I have bought a tank and seeds. We submit Rs20 per month for saving and are planning to increase our saving for investing further in livelihood works."

Currently, there are 58 women members in her group including her. Shiv Kumari suggests to other single women like her "Vegetable farming has made me independent, being a member of such group is fruitful you get both knowledge and support for future endeavors. And suggest many single women like me to get involved in such collective group and suggest agency to support for women economic empowerment as well."

CSRC Nepal