After years of struggle hope has finally come

Ful maya lama , a resident of Helambu rural municipality ward no 1 Thulodhunga is a symbol representing one of a typical Nepali female who has to undergo different problems and struggles just to find her identity. Like many thousands women of Nepal struggling each day after being married have to struggle community and society to find their identity and place. Ful Maya Lama in her 28 years of small life span has face so much problem and hindrance that a common man would have not faced in his whole life, lama shares "Coming from a poor family agriculture was our major source of income, as my parents were illiterate I was married in tender age of 15 while not even reaching the age of 18 I become mother of a daughter. But problem soon started pouring in my husband bought second wife through polygamy. Domestic violence started I ran to my parents home for shelter. My daughter time for admission came birth registration was required but without marriage registration I could not have birth certificate for my daughter future I decided to marry second time with a single hope of making my daughter future bright. "

Lama further adds "After few months of marriage I requested my husband for marriage registration and making birth certificate for my child. He didn’t respond, with discussion in this topic being regular he started abusing me, slowly life was turning like earlier. He didn’t wanted to adopt my daughter as her own in only 8 month of marriage I had to again run for shelter to my parents. But as said bad luck only come for poor I was pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter. For me another problem added in path of making life of my first daughter better I had just ruined another life as well. For me life was like a sinkable ship in a river in which now I didn’t have any control."

Further she shares "Doors of hope were closed from all sides. My parents were scared for my future but I was scared for my daughters. Life was ongoing when my mother bought another marriage proposal for me. Firstly I disapproved but after meetings and persuasion of my parents I gave in. But despite my husband being humble and loving I didn't have the courage to talk about my marriage registrations and citizenship due to my past experiences. During these period only reflect classes was started in thulodhunga , I started participating in it experience of different women achieving their rights were shared in classes, discussion on registration was also conducted . I shared my problem a discussion present with husband was made in reflect regarding importance of registering events. My husband got convinced and made registration. My luck or what after 15 days of my marriage registration citizenship camp was organized I have got my citizenship after years of struggle finally hope has come in my life and daughters as well. "

Currently Ful maya lama is the chairperson Ama Fumbache Ama Samuha and leading path in empowering women of thulodhunga area. The group has now started collecting Rs 100 per month for utilizing in women leadership activities while discussions with helambu ward office is ongoing for utilizing budget allocated for women. Lastly lama shares "In my short life I have face many problem but the learning taught to me by reflect is what I will never forget, I have registered my marriage but their area many other women like me in thulodhunga waiting for support. We have created a action plan . a campaign will be organized for making marriage registeration of all women in thulodhunga area"

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