PRAYAAS-II Factsheet

Name of Project PRAYAAS-II: Building resilience of the most at risk household and communities through transformative, innovative, inclusion of diversity and process of equity across the earthquake affected area in Nepal
Working Area Indrawati Rural Municipality 1,2,3,4,11 and 12(6 Wards of RM)
Contact Person Gopal Krishna Basnet, District Project Coordinator
Contact Number/
Focal person name: Gopal Krishna Basnet
Focal person phone: 9841840724,9854045724
Focal person email:
Project’s Partner/s Care Nepal

Project Summary

The PRAYAAS-II theme is to contribute to BBB, reconstruction, restoring livelihoods and building resilience of the most at risk HHs and communities to deal with stress and shocks. The project is focused on addressing the humanitarian risks of most at risk HHs through access to financial resources, innovative quick impact livelihood activities. Collective vulnerabilities reduction of at risk communities through strengthening community structure, risk informed programing, action and strengthening inclusive risk governance to address the reconstruction, DRR, effective preparedness to response to Build back better. The risk household risk transformation will be addressed through access to livelihood opportunity, support in safe construction, access to service providers, safety nets and addressing social inequalities of vulnerable household.

Project Objective/s

To reduce the humanitarian risks of at risk household through integrated risk governance, safe reconstruction and risk transfer mechanisms.

Expected Results (With indicators)


Most vulnerable HHs will be able to construct the hose through the material and livelihood support. Each ReFLECT participants will able to do HHs level preparedness activities. RM will formulate the LDCRP.

Result 1

Humanitarian risks of most at risk HHs reduced through access to information, financial resources, innovative quick impact livelihood action, risk transfer and joint advocacy action

Result  2

At risk communities vulnerabilities reduces through community structure strengthening, risk informed programming and collaborative action.

Result 3

Local institutions resilience enhanced by strengthening inclusive risk governance for reconstruction, DRR, Effective preparedness to respone and to Build Back Better.

Duration: July 1,2018 to August 2019
Total Budget: 20,70,5645.62

CSRC Nepal