Reconstruction Amidst Uncertainty

My name is Tesh Maya Gurung and I am 50 years old. Now I am living in the displaced camp of Mandre in Sulikot Village Municipality, ward no 2 with my son, daughter in law and grandson. My husband left me some twenty years ago and married other women.

After the earthquake of April 25, 2015 ramshackle my house I along with my family flee to this place. Before earthquake I had approximately 2 Ropanis of land where we grew maize, millet and potatoes which was enough to feed our family for a year. Similarly I use to rear goats which contributed extra cash money to run my household chores.

Before the earthquake all of us use to live together and cultivate in our farm. Now my son work as mason as landslide has occurred in most of our land. Now I have only five pair of goats as the camp is very much congested I can't rear more.

Now we have started to build the house. In the site where we are building house there is an inactive landslide. Though the geological survey has declared my land to be safe I am skeptical about it.

CSRC Nepal