Life of a differently able in Displaced Camp

My name is Raj Ghale and I am 59 years old. From past nine years I have lost my eyesight. In my family we are husband wife and a daughter. My daughter is studying in Kathmandu and my wife work as a labor. Our family is originally from Kispang Rural Municipality (Salme VDC, ward number 8). At the time of earthquake I was all alone in my home.  In radio I had heard that if earthquake comes you should go down under the table or bed or door. So by remembering it I accordingly crawled under my bed. I was rescued after few hours and after a week we migrated in Simbutaar Nuwakot.

Here I live in a temporary accommodation made up of galvanized sheet. I don’t feel safe here. All the houses are joined and if fire erupts from a household then it will catch in every other household. In such case there is no way to escape for a disable person like me.

I request government and organizations to bring programs focused on people like me. I sometime feel worthless as I have added burden to my family. If government and organization give me income generating skills then I too can live a dignified life and can contribute to daily household decisions.

CSRC Nepal