Strategic Priority 1: Strengthening and Continuing the Land and Agrarian Movement

1. The Social Discourse Concerning Land and Agriculture

  • We aim to raise awareness about the importance of land, agriculture, and the policies regarding them to human society and people’s lives.
  • We want to spark discussions about what models of agrarian economics, lifestyle, and practice work best for moving towards democracy, social justice, and sustainable development.

We intend to create an environment conducive to raising the critical consciousness of the farming community and all agrarian stakeholders, from the local to the national level.

2. Participatory Context-mapping of the Land and Agrarian Situation

  • We need to develop and apply participatory methods of understanding and mapping the current context of land and agriculture in Nepal, and to prepare practitioners of these methods at various levels.
  • The practice of participatory mapping at the community and municipal level should be established as a movement and connected to the broader land rights struggle.

3. Creating, Developing, and Strengthening People’s Organizations

  • We aim to create strong, autonomous, and free people’s organizations of labouring farmers, which will link up and operate across the community, municipal, regional, and national levels.
  • It will be necessary to institute a strong and sustainable organizational strategy at both the local and national level, as well as to develop participatory leadership across those levels.

4. The Establishment of Community-level Learning Centres

  • We propose, under the leadership of the people’s organizations and incorporating the cooperation of local governments, to build and establish bhumighars: community centers that will be for discussions, meetings, and educational programmes related to land and agriculture.
  • Educators will be developed and trained from amongst local leaders of the people’s organizations, and will be integral to the activity in the bhumighars.